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The most useful gun paper in Canada!


CATF Canadian access to firearms is the only monthly firearms buy-and-sell newspaper issued across Canada. Distributed by subscription and at gun shows, gun clubs, select gun stores, PAL training & Hunting courses, auctions and other gun related events! We are a unique and effective tool for every firearm aficionado, reaching out to the active committed core of the firearm community.

Three decades ago, the gun trade needed a newsletter permitting all gun aficionados to meet, exchange ideas, buy and sell guns, accessories and everything related to the trade. It was also painfully obvious that all the available gun literature in Canada at the time was shying away from controversy. And so, in 1984, the first issue of Canadian Access to Firearms went to press. And thanks to you all, it is still going, bigger and better than ever.

We have thousands of deals advertised in our classifieds – from wholesalers and gun stores to private collectors and individuals – updated monthly and in alphabetical order. Plus with our zany editorials and regular news updates on new developments regarding firearm legislations, we keep our readers up-to-date and well informed.

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Why Advertise with CATF?

We shall put you in touch with the active, committed core of Canada’s firearm community! We cater to a unique clientele that you may not reach otherwise online.

Our subscribers

By the simple fact that we have thousands of readers willing to support us financially through subscriptions, it goes without saying that on average our readers are more committed to the hobby with more disposable income to spare.

Gun Shows & related events

A huge portion of our distribution is at gun shows, firearm related events, and select firearm training courses across Canada – the bulk of our readers are actively involved in some aspect of the firearm community.


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