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The most useful gun paper in Canada!



To avail, send the following information to firearms@northwestel.net or call us at (867) 668-5609

We have started a program by which we would distribute FREE copies of our paper in select gun shows all over Canada.

These papers would be mailed to you a couple of weeks or more before the show and would have to be GIVEN AWAY by your people at the show, either through the tables or at the door.

This service is FREE of charge.

  • A rough estimate of the number of people going through the door.
  • The total number of tables in the show room.
  • The mailing address where you would like the paper to be mailed to.

NOTE: Kindly let us know as soon as you can so we can include you on the monthly mailing list. The papers we send are usually the latest issue available but this may not always be the case—it could be any issue we have on hand.

As an alternative, we offer generous special discounts should you prefer to buy a stack of the latest issue for re-sale in your shows—and you could make some income out to this. Inquiries are welcome. Call us anytime at (867) 668-5609.