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The most useful gun paper in Canada!

Who are our readers?


By the simple fact that we have thousands of readers willing to support us financially through subscriptions, it goes without saying that on average our readers are more committed to the hobby with more disposable income to spare.

Gun Shows and Gun Clubs

Our distribution system ensures that you will be dealing with a focused, active and growing readership within the gun community.

Aside from paid subscriptions, we distribute FREE COPIES from the biggest gun shows to the smallest community shows and gun clubs all over Canada, and other gun-related activities and events. The bulk of our readers are actively involved in some aspect of the firearm community!

While we have a wave of enthusiastic young people joining us lately and their number among our readers growing steadily – majority of our subscribers are composed of middle-aged to older gentlemen and ladies.

Many of them not at ease with the technology involved in online shopping, especially when it comes to the risk against security and privacy.

News and politics on firearm legislation

We have been leading the fight against bad firearm legislation since 1984! “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” they say.

With our editorials and monthly news updates on new developments – particularly about firearm legislation that puts the rights of our law-abiding firearm owners at risk – our readers are always up-to-date and well informed!


We had a survey done amongst our readers a couple years back and the result was astounding. Less than .1% of the responders were in favour of online copies instead of the actual printed-paper – 99% want to keep the publication just as it is.

Many respondents specifically ask us NOT to go digital!

Our paper is read and re-read many times – our readers circle or underline ads, then later pass on to friends or dropped at the club house, etc. And after all the use is squeezed out of it, it still makes a pretty good fire starter 🙂