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The most useful gun paper in Canada!

Two Words

Results and Privacy!

Our distribution system ensures that you will be dealing with a focused, active and growing readership. CATF is issued by monthly subscription and through gun shows, gun clubs, auctions, select gun stores, PAL training and hunting courses and other gun related events all over Canada.

We cater to a smaller constituency compared to other free for all publications that you can pick up from a grocery store. However, ours is made of serious, avid and passionate gun people – the core of Canada’s firearm community.

Whether new gun enthusiasts who just got their PAL and are discovering the thrill, or older people who are on the average more committed to this hobby with more disposable income to spare with a reluctance to adapt to modern computer technology and a profound distrust for its absolute lack of privacy. People that you may not reach otherwise online!

We shall put you in touch with the active, committed core of Canada’s firearm community!

Privacy and security

The Internet is open to a whole scale of cons, viruses and other inconveniences that simply do not happen with the way we are doing business – no trolls, no tire kickers, NO spam for us!

One does not have to be paranoid to fully comprehend that there is no such thing as an absolutely “secure” or “private” transaction on the Internet. When you buy and sell anything online, you shall be leaving digital footprints. We believe that there will always be people who will opt for a bit less convenience in exchange for a lot more privacy and security – they are the people we cater to.

In these times of gun-hating, hoplophobia and all-encompassing government meddling in our daily lives – our readers, while law-abiding – prefer to preserve a modicum of privacy!


Are we advising anyone to shut their website down? NO way! We love the Internet. But if you wish to reach and focus more on the active firearm community and cover the whole field, I know our printed-paper have a lot to offer!