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With the growing difficulties of the legalities of gun transactions, many Canadian firearms owners do not need, or even want, to reach buyers in Zimbabwe or Outer Mongolia – What is an enormous advantages for some businesses is counterproductive for what we do. It is nice to browse some great offerings from a dealer in South Africa but try to buy a gun from him, or sell him one or, perish the thought, engage in some horse trading (-: Even buying or selling anything from or to anyone in the States has become a kafkaesque nightmare of late. 5) Because of our alphabetical classification, one can at a glance  find a given item or check the availability and market value of a given firearm without having to read the whole bloody material or browse 50 different web sites. 6) While we could produce Access on the web and sell subscriptions through passwords, such a system is wide open to abuse and not easily controllable. Witness all the trouble and huge expense the big software company have to incur in order to insure their products are not pirated or used without a licence. With a simple security system as we could afford, one could simply broadcast his password to all his friends, by e-mail or through any of the social networks and give our information away, not only depriving us of income but opening  our site to abuse, access customer lists, profiles etc .

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