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To vote or not to vote, that is the question.

Gun owners most important decision this year…

I must confess to the fact that I am a single issue voter – I did not used to be but I became so!

Why! In great part because, while I do not pretend to understand the details and nuances of all the issues being debated during an election campaign, and while I am fully cognizant that “my” single issue is likely not the most important on a scary agenda, having been all my adult life a devoted student of history, I am absolutely and unequivocally convinced that the right to bear arms in any society is the most telling test as to the degree of freedom that society happens to enjoy.

Like oxygen, it does not seem important till we miss it – the canary in the mine, if you would indulge me!

I am also convinced that, no matter how corny it might sound to this apathetic and “blasé” generation, “freedom” (as in freedom from coercion and oppression) is the key to civilization, happiness and prosperity, all what make what philosophers, from Aristotle on, tentatively called “the good life”.

I am what you could call a “laissez faire” Libertarian” and, like more and more Canadians, am interested in politics only under duress and only to the extent that one would be interested in some virulent disease so one can learn and take steps not to succumb to it, because not to is suicidal.

This year will see a federal election that will determine what political party will govern us for the next 4 years or so.

One would be tempted to follow the often heard advice that we should not vote for anybody as all it does is to encourage them – But alas as Plato noted :”One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

It is becoming even more crucial since our political scene can be taken, as John Derbyshire observes ” as evidence that we have, in fact gone collectively round the bend—that we are now certifiably cuckoo, meshuggah, unhinged, out to lunch, and not quite sixteen annas to the rupee”.

So, if, even as a good case can be made that it might do absolutely no good, you still decide to get involved, where can it possibly be the most effective?

From the very first founding meeting of the NFA, two very different opinions as to what was the best tactic for firearm owners to gain influence surfaced.

The first one promoted the policy of distancing ourselves equally from all political parties, favouring none, establishing and affirming our goals and demands regardless of their popularity or lack of it and lobbying directly to all voters to individually put pressure in every and whichever way they saw fit.

The other suggested, on the contrary, that we tackle politic from the inside in a two-pronged attack: firstly that we become active in whichever political party within which we felt most at ease and push for our agenda from the inside – secondly, that we go one step further and be actively involved in the working of whichever party we felt met two distinct conditions : a party that would, if possible, not be totally inimical to our goals, or even better, that would favour them, and b) a party that had a fighting chance to get in a position of power where it would actually be able to achieve some concrete results.

Following this, four basic choices present themselves:

a) not do anything ( a very popular position!)

b) participate by actively pressuring all parties around the whole spectrum regardless of their philosophical bend

c) act by actively participating and pressuring only this one party that matches most closely our own world view

d) act by actively participating and pressuring that one party that, regardless of its world view, we can most likely sway to act towards our goals ( i.e. in this present time, the Conservative)

e) and yes, there is an e, you can join these nutcases who are as we speak encouraging firearm owners and freedom seekers to support a coalition of the Liberal and NDP, with absolutely no other goal than to get rid of Harper personally and teach him a lesson !

We do respect and will always support anyone who fights for freedom, no matter which way they choose to do so.

However, options a) and e) are simply not acceptable.

a) because sitting on your thumbs bitching and groaning how life is unfair, enjoying freedom you do not deserve, while others actually get up and put time and effort in our cause make you a double loser, a useless poseur.

e) because there is something pathological (and pathetic) about these people’s visceral hatred of Harper

Harper broke his promises, they wail! He lied! A politician lied : who would have thunk? How does this make him different or worse than every other politicians on the block and single him out to deserve their intemperate, solipsistic hatred of the man defies explanation !

For pity’s sake, get over it and stop hyperventilating like scorned virgins!

How do these people entertain to ever regain the ground we will incontrovertibly loose under four years of their hoplophobic coalition? They do not say! As the saying goes:” with friends like that …”

So, is there hope in the midst of all this madness? Certainly!

But hope without action is but mental masturbation – While it feels good at the moment, it begets only disappointments and bitterness

WE MUST GET INVOLVED! More on this in future issues of CATF

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